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Frequently Asked Questions:


Retail Range:

1. How do I determine my size?

For tops, measure across the fullest part of your chest from armpit to armpit using a measuring tape.

For bottoms, about 2 inches below your navel measure across your waist area or the area where you usually wear your bottoms to get your waist size. For hips, take measurement around the widest part of your hips to determine your hip size.

Custom Apparel Program:

1. How long does a custom order take?

Usually between 4-8 weeks from, 
- order confirmation and proof approval
- 60% deposit for orders above S$1000.00
- 100% for orders below S$1000.00.

Delays in order approvals or excessive artwork revisions will increase turnaround time.

2. I want to see samples.

Samples are for customers to review the print quality and for sizing purposes only it is not a platform for design aesthetics trials.

Please refer to the following for sample rates,

Samples printed with your design:

- Unconfirmed Orders: S$120.00 + shipping costs where applicable 
- Confirmed Orders: Unit price + S$20.00 + shipping costs where applicable.

Samples from our stock

- Unconfirmed Orders: S$40.00 + shipping costs where applicable 
- Confirmed Orders: shipping costs where applicable.

More details regarding of sample policies here

3. What are the payment terms?

We required a 60% deposit for orders exceeding S$1000.00 and 100% for orders of S$1000.00 and below.

4. What methods of payment do you accept?

For international orders we only accept payment using credit card via Paypal. 
Payment for Singapore orders can be made in cash, bank transfer or credit card via Paypal.

5. Can I make changes to the design or colours?

Yes - changes can be made before we send you the proof for the production stage. No changes can be made once production of your order is already in progress. 

Be advised, excessive revisions will affect your order turnaround time. Please do not make more than 2 revisions. Additional charges will be imposed for excessive revisions.  

6. I want an exact colour match 

Positive Sports LLP print our custom apparel using Pantone colours. Due to differences between monitor display setup, material and other variables like temperature, colours in the final print may not necessarily be an exact match. Positive Sports LLP will not gurantee that printed colours will be an exact match to Pantone colours. Positive Sports LLP strives to achieve 85% in colour accuracy for our custom apparel program. 

For orders that require close colour matching, a colour atlas printed on fabric is available upon request starting at a rate of S$20.00 per colour. Please contact us to find out more details.

7. Do you offer price matching

We will consider all price matching requests. However, the price match must be for a comparable product of equal quality. Also, you need to send us the official quotation you receive from the other company in order for us to consider your request. 


1. Where are you guys located?