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Australia & New Zealand: 
Company/Shop Name: Bike Rides
Website: http://www.bikerides.com.au

Distributorship/Dealership Request:

Positive Sports LLP offers flexible distributorship/dealership plans to suit your business model regardless of size.

Drop Shipping Dealer
Positive Sports LLP Drop Shipping allows small businesses a quick way to add and expand your existing range of products without having to commit to a large capital outlay in purchasing stock and maintaining inventory. All you have to do is transfer your customer's order and shipping detail to us after you receive an order for our product. You will then pay Positive Sports LLP the agreed dealer pricing thereafter we will prepare to ship the order directly to your customer. All drop shipping orders will have the respective Drop Shipping Dealer's logo/company name, return address printed on the package and packing list.

The Positive Sports LLP Dealer will stock Funny Insect products in their inventory. The minimum order level is flexible in order to cater to the dealer's business model.

The Positive Sports LLP Distributor will be responsible for distributing Positive Sports LLP products to shops in their respective distribution region. The Positive Sports Distributor is expected to stock most of Positive Sports LLP products at the minimum order level agreed between Positive Sports LLP and the Distributor.

All Positive Sports Distributors and Dealers are to provide after sales service for Positive Sports LLP products sold through them.

To become a Positive Sports LLP products distributor or dealer please contact us here.