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Crash Replacement Program - 20% Off New Replacment:

Validity Period:
The Positive Sports LLP Crash Replacement Program is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

The Positive Sports LLP Crash Replacement Program does not cover the Positive Sports LLP Custom Apparel Program.

How to Qualify:
If your damaged Positive Sports product is beyond repair, Positive Sports LLP will sell you a similar product at 20% off the retail price listed on Positive Sports LLP's website.

The Crash Replacement Program applies only to the original buyer.
The damaged product must be returned to Positive Sports LLP for assessment.

Positive Sports LLP will determine on whether any returned product is covered by the Crash Replacement Program. All decisions made by Positive Sports LLP are final.

How to Return:
Contact Positive Sports LLP by email and attach pictures of the damaged product with the email. We will provide you with further instructions to help you complete the return process.

Do not return any damaged Positive Sports products without contacting Positive Sports LLP before hand. Positive Sports LLP will not be responsible for any loss packages arising from such instances.

Please insure your package against loss or damage. Positive Sports LLP cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage in transit.

All damaged Positive Sports LLP products that are replaced under the Crash Replacement Program are not returnable or exchangeable.

Damaged Positive Sports LLP products that are return to Positive Sports LLP for assessment and do not qualify for replacement are not returned unless return shipping is borne by customer.

All related shipping charges will be customer's responsibility.