The Funny Insect Custom Cycling Apparel Program is designed to provide customised cycling apparel to your team, club, company, and other cycling related event.

Our Custom Cycling Apparel Program offers customised apparel for different cycling disciplines namely XC, road cycling, downhill cycling to BMX etc. Funny Insect Custom Cycling range of products include custom cycling jersey, shorts, skinsuit, baggy cycling short and many more.

The materials we use for our custom products are selected for quality and function. We work with materials like chamois from Italy and high-tech fabrics from good suppliers. The sublimation process we use to make our custom cycling products also means there are no limitation on the number of colours and no restriction on the complexity of your designs to be printed on your custom apparel.

We also have the ability to offer tailor made custom apparel or cater to any special requirement you have to suit the needs of your team. 

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